Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The dressing table has come to a grinding halt today as my back is really, really sore - I was very hobbly when I got up and then bending over to get a tin of cat food out of the cupboard had me breathing labour style until the spasm passed. I thought I was going to have to cancel my planned shopping trip with my Mum and Sis but fortunately some strong painkillers took the edge off.

I wore my new dress from eBay:

I like it because it is Cath K-esque. Incidentally, I recently wrote to CK to ask why they didn't make clothing larger than a size 16 (I am much bigger than that!!) The reply I got was very sweet, the customer services girl was curvy too and she sympathised but could only say that "hopefully" they would go bigger one day.

We went to shops near Chichester, and this is what I bought:

The three jars on the left were from BHS and were £12 total; the sweetie jar was from Laura Ashley and had 40% off - they are for the bathroom, my Stepdad has made me some shelves for over the bath.

The fabric was the best bargain, it's a bit Cabbages and Roses and was £1.50 per metre.

We also went to The Eternal Maker which is a lovely shop, filled with hundreds of bolts and FQ's of fabric; buttons; trimmings and all manner of gorgeous things. I'd like to go back on my own as my Mum and Sis weren't feeling the love like I was so I couldn't browse for as long as I would have liked - it was a real Aladdin's cave.

While I was out I had to borrow my Mum's walking stick and since I returned my back as been very sore - I really should have cancelled shopping but if I had I would have missed my bargains!!


S x


  1. How mad and fab you must have looked in CK sytlee and a walking stick. I hope you toied a ribbon to it.

    We are getting (so I've heard) a Cabbages and roses outlet store just half hour away from where I live and it's on route to my Mum's and to Bee's!!! Deeeeeliiiiighted!

    Loving your "Today I didn't do it" story. will read that out to my husband.


    ps sending a cyber hug to you to heal your sore back.

  2. I hope your back feels better soon Sarah. Great bargains you have there. I love glass jars, especially with little labels on them...cute!
    Hubby doesn`t get jars in the bathroom... its style!

  3. I have a glass jar like the one on the left with the cork. Looks the same actually.
    LOVE your dress, what make is it? It is stunning. Can you take a more detailed pic for nosy admirers like myself please??!!!!
    So sorry to hear about your back. I feel your pain.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post!
    Much love
    x x x

  4. :) those jars! sorry about your back sweet sarah.

  5. Oh no... hope your back feels better soon! It must be really painful for you to have to use a stick.. :-( I'm sending healing hugs your way!

    Isn't that funny your near Chichester, I live in the centre of Chi. I love The Eternal Maker, but I do find quite a few things are a little over-priced.. I got a couple bargains last time I was in there, along with gazillions of pretty coloured buttons!

    I love all the jars!

    Ashley xxx

  6. Hope your back feels better soon, and LOVE the fabric of your dress x

  7. Ooo those glass bottles are just lush. Will look beautiful in a bathroom.
    Great fabric too.
    Sorry to hear about poorly back- what a nightmare.
    Big hugs.

  8. ah poor you the pain we will go through to shop thou ha ha backs are horrid feel for you ,x cant beat a bargain and answer to cuckoo yes pretty sure cabbages and roses is going to be here im going down sunday eeek cant wait x

  9. Oh poor you! It sounds really painful. :(
    I hope it eases off soon.
    Have to say your dress looks beautiful! Such pretty fabric and the bargains were great, so I hope they eased the pain a little.

    Get well soon Sarah!




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