Sunday, 31 July 2011

Arriving In Style!!

Are you ready for a chuckle? This was me today arriving at mother-in-laws 70th birthday get together:

My sciatica was so bad I had to lay flat out in the car to make the 30 min journey to MIL's!!

Yesterday, whilst at the stables (the first time I had left house in a week!!) I had a terrible shooting spasm from hip to ankle that took my breath away and my leg since has been really, really sore again. 

Even getting ready for the party was tricky but when we set off it became apparent a couple of minutes into the journey that it was too painful and so we turned around to take me home. 

I had a little cry as I didn't want to miss the party and so Mr G came up with the idea for putting the seats down (our front passenger seat goes forward and flat as well as the back) and piling cushions on them to lay me down.

It worked!! Laying flat made the pain bearable and so off we went!! 

Fortunately, I have never been one to worry about what other people think as I was just about level with the top of the doors and there was much hilarity from the Mr G and the boys at some of the odd looks we got and the fact W had to hold my skirts down as they were being buffeted and threatening to go over my head!!

I spent the day installed on a sun lounger (virtually flat!!) while I was waited on hand and foot (Mr G says why change the habit of a lifetime!!)

Here's my frock:

I had my reverse anorexia today, where I look in the mirror and think I look thinner than I actually am!!
Nevertheless, I felt very feminine in my swishy frock & petticoat.

I did get Mr G to take a pic showing my petticoat better (it was peeping out underneath my skirts) but I look dreadful in it so I will spare you!!

The birthday girl:

Lots of family we hadn't seen in a-g-e-s and a-g-e-s:

Mr G's Dad:

My Mum, Stepdad, H & W:

Mmmm, cake!! (There was LOTS of puds and cakes!!):

It was a lovely family day, the weather was glorious and I was very pleased not to have missed it!!

Hope you've all had a nice weekend....

S x


  1. I know I shouldn't laugh at your expense but I would have been delighted if I'd seen you travelling alone like that.

    "Look at that marvellous lady in that gorgeous dress travelling like she is in bed!" I'd have said.

    You looked gorgeous in your very pretty dress. Now I really want to see a petticoat shot, go me?

    Glad you had a lovely day. We had a birthday do for my Step Dad today. Met my Step Brother for the first time yet my Mum and step dad have been together for well over ten years! He was very nice as was his bird.


  2. ps. How did you do your banner? I'm thinking of changing mine but am scared it'll go wrong like last time. gulp.

  3. Beautiful dress and a beautiful dresser too!


  4. You look GORGEOUS!!!! Totally and utterly. I demand to see a petticoat shot too. I really love that dress, did you say it was on Ebay? It is lush and you look fab. So sorry about your sciatica but as Cuckoo says, what an arrival!!!
    Have a good couple of weeks and I hope by the time I am back from hols that you will be feeling better.

  5. Love your dress, you look wonderful!

  6. Oh Sarah, you poor thing. I do hope you can find some way to ease that pain off.
    I do like the way you arrived at you MIL's party, very stylish and your dress is very, very pretty. Glad you didn't miss the fun. It looks like you had a glorious day for it too.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  7. I'm glad you were able to find a way to go, although sorry your sciatica is still bad :( Love the dress!

  8. COR!! Your dress is gorgeous, very pretty! Laughed at the way you arrived at the party! When I saw the first picture I thought it was a photo of you in a tanning booth!

    Looks like the weather was lovely for the party, family get-togethers are lovely aren't they.

    Is that your dresser in the background there? It's LUSH.

    Glad you made it out for a shin-dig, it's been rotten for you staying in with all those aches and pains.

    Nicki xx

  9. You look fabulous!! And what an arrival! I hope it gets better soon.
    It looks like you had a lovely time, I love family get togethers :)
    Ashley x

  10. Hehe what a fun way to travel. You poor thing Sarah the pain must be awful.
    I love your frock it is very pretty and summery.

  11. I LOVE that dress Sarah, you look lovely in it.
    So glad you found a way to join in still.

    Really hope this clears up soon, it's been awhile for you now.

    Get better soon!



  12. You look very glam and lovely, travelling in style in your gorgeous frock. I love the pretty dresser too.
    I hope you feel better soon though. x

  13. Hahaha.. I'm sorry... but I would have had a good old chuckle if you had over-taken me in your car looking like that..! Hilarious!

    Gorgeous dress, very pretty. Maybe you could get another shot of the petticoat taken that you like and then we can all have a gander. :-)

    Can I also ask what Cuckoo's asking.. how did you do your banner? It Is very lovely!

    Ashley xxx

  14. You look stunning in your dress- it's lovely! You poor thing, hope your back eases up soon :(


  15. so sorry you are still in pain, that must be very frustrating. looks like you had a lovely time. :) what a delicious looking cake! sarah's got a pretty dress. the top photo of you is my fave.

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