Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Transformation Begins....

Today I went to Fabricland to buy the fabric to cover my vintage dressing table. I had perused their website and there were several possibles although I really fancied stripes so the table looked like the Cath Kidston dressing table that originally inspired me.

Our Fabricland is tiny, crammed full and always busy so I have to confess I don't enjoy shopping in there as much as one would think and typically they didn't have anywhere near as big a selection as online.

After much deliberation I chose this:

I had decided on the pink when I saw it online, but in reality the pink was a bit coral/salmony (not a shade I am fond of) so in the end I went for the blue.

I also selected some other bits and bobs, proffered my debit card and the darn thing was declined. There I stood with everyone eyeing me up and down (they obviously thought I was going to have to do the walk of shame) but I *knew* I had money in there so I telephoned the bank (thank goodness for mobiles).

Yet again the bloomin' bank had put a fraud hold on my card - they seem to do it at least once a month and it drives me mad!! It usually happens because I have made a few small transactions through Paypal and that flags up as suspicious - it's soooooo annoying!!

So I was in the store an hour before I sorted it all out.

I came home and have made a start, the top is re-upholstered and it was a NIGHTMARE!! Really tricky, took ages and now my sciatica is playing up a treat!!

I will hopefully have more piccies to share with you tomorrow....

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S x


  1. Oooh, now you're back in my following list and I'm one of the first to comment!

    I love fabric land- i've just ordered surf from t'interent and was pleasantly surprised with what I got ( it actually looked like the photo!)
    Can't wait to see this- it is a stunning dresser. X

  2. cant wait to see this completed, I bet it'll look gorgeous xxx

  3. Lovvvvee the fabric Sarah! It's completely gorgeous and will look perfect on your dressing table. It's such lovely dressing table, I've got a 'temporary' one at the moment which I can't stand. But it does the job for the moment and when we move to a slightly bigger house sometime in the future, I hope to get a much nicer one! :-) Sorry.. babbling on...
    The card being declined sounds like a right pain! You'd think the bank would stop blocking it over and over, when you have to repeatedly keep calling them up..!
    Sorry to hear your sciatica is playing up, get some rest and hope you feel better soon!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Very exciting and I love the fabric. Poor you with your back....it's such a painful condition. Please take it steady. Don't break your back (literally) to get this done too soon.
    We are patient bloddies, we can wait!
    Hope all well at your end

  5. sarah i think it's gonna look fabulous, because isn't everything you touch or create?


  6. The fabric is lovely! :) So annoying of your bank too!
    Ashley x

  7. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this project Sarah. Take care of yourself, sciatica is such a pest.
    Anne xx

  8. Nice blog Sarah. I'm following here now. I'm from the Read My Blog swap on s-b. Hope you will check out my blog too and follow.

    Coleen in Ukraine


  9. That's just so pretty Sarah, I can't wait to see how it looks finished, but be careful of your back!
    I had visualised you making it over in pink, so it was a surprise to see blue, but I love it, it's going to look stunning!


  10. I can't wait to see the finished dresser and I so wish I still had mine from all those years ago. How could I think it was old fashioned..deep sigh!! Dev x


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