Saturday, 16 July 2011

Another WiP, a Pretty Posy & Naughty Pusses....

Hello, my lovelies - (I have not been loving my usual font so thought I would give Georgia a whirl), hope your weekends are not to wet so far? The sun has come out in our part of Hampshire but I doubt it'll last long.

I've been to the wool shop today and picked up some yarn for a new blanket - I fancy making a hexagon blanket, not sure what type yet, but I have chosen traditional CK colours (so much so that when I showed Mr G he said "Very Cath Kidston":

I also want to show you this little posy I made:

Most unhelpfully I can't find the tutorial I used to make the fabric flowers, but you just tear strips of fabric about 6cm wide x 45cm long, roll into a sausage lengthways securing with the odd stitch and then roll into a rose, twisting the "sausage" and securing with stitches underneath. 

To make the posy ball I rolled newspaper into a ball and taped it (you could use an oasis/polysterene ball but newspaper is cheaper and what I had to hand!!) and then I pinned each flower into place and then my sister who was over for dinner added a few stitches to hide any gaps. I think it's pretty sweet and have hung it on the lounge curtain pole.

I also must tell you about our horrid cat Jasper:

Butter wouldn't melt would it? He has been very naughty this week. I was in bed with my cup of tea as is my custom after sorting the kids out for school (Mr G does the actual school run and I go back to bed for an hour or so as I am nocturnal & rarely go to sleep before 1.30am). 

So, there I was reclining in my lovely, crisp, white, feather bedlinen chatting to Mr G while he dressed and Jasper jumps onto the bed - we often have morning cuddles. However, this morning I feel a drop of something wet and notice him shaking his leg oddly.

The little monster has only gone and wee'd on the bed - with me still in it!!!!!

He was well and truly reprimanded and the quilt stripped before it could soak into the feather mattress topper beneath (which costs £26 to have cleaned). Fortunately, the summer duvet fits in the washing machine.

Jasper & Bear are house cats and so it was clear from this dirty protest that the litter trays must Not Be To Specification. Mr G also reckons Jasper did it to punish me for not giving him breakfast as soon as I got up as we were out of cat food.

What a horror!! Coupled with that, Bears addiction to dragging my yarn around the house the moment my back is turned and the shreds that are what is left of the stair carpet they'll be making a trip to the dogs home if they're not careful!!

Pop back next week as I am having another giveaway - 100 followers!!

S x


  1. What a naughty cat!
    I love your posy it is very pretty. The yarn is lovely too. I can`t wait to see what you make!


  2. sarah that ball of fabric posies, is a delightful creation!

  3. Oh naughty pussy cat, cat's wee smells awful too, poor you (although I did chuckle a little...sorry). They are fussy cats and if they don't get their own way they soon let you know!!

    Loving your yarn buys, lovely colours, good luck with your new project, very pretty posy too.

    Bee x x x x

  4. Hello Sarah! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely messages! I have now found you and I am a new follower! It may be worth keeping an eye on Jasper as my cat did the same when he had a bad case of Cystitis (apparently their furry brains tell them a soft place to go will be less painful!) just thought it worth a mention! I can't wait to see the finished blanket, such pretty colours! I'm a great knit too!!! Oh and to answer you kind questions, yes I plan to add more photo's of the house when each stage of renovation is completed (including the outside)! The portraits are copies of commissions. Hugs from an old farmhouse in Lincolnshire! Glenda xxx

  5. That is sooooo naughty and cats' wee smells baaaaad. Poor you.
    Loving those posy you made, I can't fathom out many crafty things, but this is lush so I may have to try it out one day in the future.
    Well done on getting 100 followers!!!! I have 31. But I find it busy keeping up with them, how on earth do you manage with 100???!!
    Lots of love Gem x

  6. Love the posy ball,so pretty, naughty puss,poor you. Love the colours you picked for the blanket,looking forward to what pattern you decide julie.xxxx

  7. How did your painting come along?

  8. Naughty Jasper! Oh dear, glad you salvaged the linen quickly but it must have been a bit of a rude awakening!

    And that's marvellous of Mr G - 'very Cath Kidston'? Good man! One day Mr Doodle will be aware of such things!! :)

  9. I haven't done any knitting for ages - your lovely yarns make me want to find where my knitting needles have gone!! Lovely, lovely colours xxx

  10. eeeeugh, naughty, naughty cat and how cheeky! Can't go wrong with CK colours and looking forward to see which hexagon pattern you use, there are so many out there to choose from. Love the posy by the way. dev x aka Dont want to be anon, but blogger still being a pain.

  11. Funny, before I had read what you had written, I was thinking 'CK - how delish'. Can't wait to see the finished piece.
    Naughty puss for peeing on bed. Bad boy. Lose 10 house points.

  12. Your cat is gorgeous! Sorry about his "little accident." I'm lucky none of mine have mistaken me for their litter box - yet! Those posies are gorgeous, as are your yarn choices.

    ~Laney (rainysunshine789 - swapbot blog swap)

  13. Hello! I'm visiting from Swap-Bot for the "Read my Blog! NEWBIE FRIENDLY" swap. Lovely blog. And I have to tell you, I like your choice of font - Georgia is my favorite :)

    -- Kate (a.k.a. Gwenelle)


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