Monday, 4 July 2011

Another Busy Weekend - Painting & Papering....

Hello, my lovelies!! I hope you have all had a nice weekend?

We've had another weekend of DIY - well, I have Mr G was out all day yesterday RC car racing so he only had a few hours of it.

We went to a car boot on Saturday and I got a lovely large ceramic lamp base (which I have forgotton to photograph for you) for a £1 and Mr G got a couple of bits so he is rapidly becoming a fan of the old car boot sales.

Then in the afternoon while Mr G was out playing with his motorbike I made a start on painting the lounge white - it was a pale biscuit colour and I ummed and ahhed over various creams until I decided that plain old white was the way forward due to so many of the gorgeous shabby chic interiors having a white base and the colour added with soft furnishings and a splash of wallpaper.

Now, please remind me if I ever consider buying cheap paint again that IT'S NOT WORTH THE SAVING - I foolishly fell for the Wickes ad that says that professional decorators reckon their paint is super. It is not. It is thin and patchy and going from pale biscuit to white took several coats. Had I stuck to my gut feeling and bought Dulux or Crown it would have been a one coat job.



Do you think it looks better? I'm much happier with it.

The cupboard we made over is fitting right in - I forgot to tell you that when we got the cupboard home I realised what I was that it reminded me of - The Marvellous Mechanical Mouseorgan off Bagpuss!!:

See?!! It just needs a set of pipes on the top!!

I have been having trouble sleeping lately and that is when I come up with all kinds of ideas, some of which are still good ideas in the morning, the majority of which are not but it was Saturday evening I thought of doing the old patchwork wallpaper routine in the porch which until now has been dull, dull, dull:

Now I love, love, love it!! You may remember I have done a similar effect over the bath  - this time I chose different papers. The beauty of this method of papering is it is free - I just waltz into B&Q bold as brass and take 3' "samples" of all the papers I like!! Does that make me a bit naughty?

S x

Edited to add: The wallpaper I took was from the rolls that are already open to enable you to take a sample, I wasn't just opening random rolls and helping myself!!


  1. Oh that looks absolutely beautiful!!!
    I adore the cupboard, it looks perfect there. The whole room just looks so fresh and bright and cheery.


  2. The room looks great, and I love the patchwork porch- what a great idea!!!

  3. Oh my you are so creative. I love what you've done to the lounge (new curtains too in second pic?), much fresher, and I am crazy about the patchwork.
    But do you keep B&Q to pick up the other would you do it all in one go. Clever idea though, I like it and it looks gorgeous.
    x x

  4. How do you find the engery to do all this decorating and crafting?! The porch looks fab and even better it's free! The new lounge looks good too, we have white walls all over the house except for my children's rooms. I love white, so easy to change accessories/cushions when you get bored!

  5. I love how your loungeroom is coming along, the paint makes the room look fresh and with the new curtains and madeover cupboard, just lovely. I'm also loving your patchwork papered wall. Lots of lovely colours there.
    Happy decorating.
    Anne xx

  6. Beautiful transformation! Love those colours!Thanks for sharing.
    Amazing space you got here! Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. The new wall looks absolutely lovely. Looks great and did you put new curtains too? Lovely cupboards. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  8. Hey! I featured you on my blog today! Go take a peek!

    ~ Sarah

  9. Thanks for stopping by, becoming a follower and leaving your sweet comment! I think your blog is darling. I love the patchwork wall and the blue buffet? cabinet! Can't wait to see what you do with the ASCP! ♥


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