Monday, 25 July 2011

All Kinds Of Randomness - And A Giveaway Winner!!

(Do you sometimes struggle with what your post title should be? I do, I try and make it something that will grab a readers attention as well as give a preview to the contents of my post, but I think I am usually way off the mark!!)

I had a hobble around the garden, picked myself some flowers and took some pictures to share with you.

I'll start with the sweet pea saga - you may remember me wondering where are my sweet peas? a few weeks ago? Well, as of last week there were still only a couple of buds on the big bank of them and a couple of blooms on the ones in the pot outside the door.

I contacted The National Sweet Pea Society and the chap replied to basically say I was on a hiding to nothing as:

  • They shouldn't be in a raised bed
  • They shouldn't be in bought compost
  • They shouldn't have been bought at B&Q
  • They should have had their side shoots pinched out
  • They should have been planted out way earlier
Mr G also noticed that they were covered in greenfly and so I Googled what to do and the majority of advice was to spray them with diluted washing-up liquid. So I did - and this is what they look like now:

It fried them!! :0(

I did it on a cloudy day too, so it wasn't as if they were scorched by the sun!! 

They are all dry and crispy but on a brighter note there is no sign of the greenfly!!

Luckily I didn't do my potted ones, although they look a bit tatty at the bottom they are OK:

This is our second year of having flowers (we just had lawn up until last year) and TBH the whole flowerbed is looking a bit crap. I favour the untended, cottagey look but things that are tall have grown at the front, there's big gaps and it's all looking a bit scruffy. Nothing I planted from seed direct to the flowerbed has been a success this year either.

The hollihocks have come back from last year (as did one delphinium, goodness knows where the rest are!!):

Look at Mr Bumblebee!! We have a tiny gap in the path at the front of the house, just below a large buddleia and we think we have a nest (hive?) living in there as we often see bumbles going in the hole.

We have pink ones too (hollihocks not bumblebees!!):

Now on to giveaway news - I used the random number generator and the winner of the Home Sweet Sewn book is:

A Mermaid's Purse - well done!!

I have been really honoured and chuffed to receive a couple of awards, so I'll pop back tomorrow to tell you about them and pass them on. I can't say how much it means to me to receive an award from a fellow blogger - especially as I am in awe of you all!!

Now as for my sciatica - still v. sore. I thought it was marginally better yesterday and gritted my teeth for the short drive to the garden centre but I'm not entirely sure that was a good idea as it's as bad as ever today. The pain has gone from my back and has settled in my leg - it kind of feels like that calf cramp you sometimes get at night - not pleasant.

Mr G did suggest earlier that "I bet your leg is fine now, you're just enjoying being waited on" - and I had to resist the urge to thump him!! Still, I can't complain he has been a star looking after me and the boys.

There's a Hitchcock movie on this afternoon "Dial M For Murder" with Grace Kelly so I am going to settle down in front of that with my knitting....

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


S x


  1. The flowers are so pretty! Shame about the sweet peas though, maybe next year? :)
    Congrats to the giveaway winner!
    Ashley x

  2. Apart from the pain, your afternoon sounds so lovely. I do hope youmanage to enjoy it.

    Your house is so gorgeous, I have spent a bit longer than I ought looking at all the back ground detail in the first photo.

    My sweet peas are rubbish too. And the only thing I can see that I have done wrong is put them in the ground with a hand full of compost. Bottoms! Oh well we will get it right next year now wont we?!!

    What are you knitting? Ta for all the links to the crochet cushion I have been spying. Love it. You are a suuuuper duper girl.


  3. Sarah your flowers are beautiful. I love the crocheted mat under your flowers on the table. Did you use a pattern?

  4. oh my wordy- thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!
    how very exciting!!!! i feel so lucky!!!!!
    i love your flowers! and your kitchen- blissful!
    ;0)xxxx my email: xx

  5. Sorry to hear that your pains have not disappeared! I hope they do soon.

    My sweetpeas also dried up...they grew very tall and bloomed wonderfully at the beginning of June but then they just gradually started to crispy fry until I was left with a whole host of yellowed, dried plant. I had to cut most of it down as it looked so bad so you are not alone!

    Thanks for leaving me lovely comments the last few days.

    Feel better soon,


  6. Hi! I just found your blog through CountryRose's giveaway comments, and I love it!!

    You are now in my google reader.

    Sam (

  7. Hope you are much better today love. And you SHOULD wear denim skirts and leggings! So there!
    x x


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