Friday, 29 July 2011

Petticoats And Dressing Table News!!

You may remember way back in January when I was a brand new blogger telling you how I wanted to make a net petticoat and it being a disaster?

Well, since then I found The House Of Olivier that makes the most wonderful cotton petticoats - one day I will treat myself to one of their Voluptuous petticoats but in the meantime money is tight and I had 3m of cotton lawn doing nothing so a couple of months agoI had a go at making one myself.

Unfortunately, it was all a bit wobbly around the bottom and a funny length so it was put to one side to fix later and there it sat until yesterday when my Sis came over and helped me do just that. Her being a perfectionist is very helpful when it comes to getting hems straight and arranging pleats evenly and this is how it turned out:

The dress you see behind (that needs a good iron) is my £5.99 bargain from eBay that I'll wear with the petticoat on Sunday - Mr G's Mum is having a family get together for her 70th birthday. 

Isn't the fabric pretty?:

If I don't look too much like Waynetta Slob in a frock I'll let you see a picture after the event....

Waynetta (Google Images)

Other news is I have gone back to the drawing board for the dressing table fabric - after reupholstering the top (and crippling myself in the process, sciatica still v. present) I have decided I don't like the fabric!!

Mr G thinks I am mad but having lived with the half-finished item for a week I just wasn't feeling it and my Sis made my mind up when she said yesterday she didn't think it was right either. So, I think I have found an alternative fabric and hope I can shift the remaining 6m of what I had on eBay!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, my lovelies....

S x


  1. Ah man!!! I'm £33.50 down now. I have a net skirt that I can't wear as it needs a petticoat and I have been searching for the right colour etc...trying to find the time.... you know how it is. So anyway I have just bought a basic petticoat from House of Oliver. Actually I should be thanking you as at least that's something I can strike off my to do list and I'll be able to wear my skirt soon.

    LOVE your petticoat. You are going to look dazzling!


  2. What a pretty petticoat! :) And I agree, the dress fabric is lovely!
    Ashley x

  3. Love the petticoat! Gorgeous! :-) Lovely of your sister to help you out with it. Would LOVE to see a pic of you after the family get-together as that skirt looks gorgeous and want to see the finished result!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Wow, gorgeous dress and the petticoat is beautiful! You are going to look amazin'. The fabric is so pretty - have to keep scrolling up to look at it. Definitely show us a photo.

    Had a quick squizz at the House of Olivier website - isn't the stuff pretty! I got the serious wanties.

    I think you did the right thing changing your mind about the dressing table fabric if you aren't happy with it. Nothing worse than finishing it off completely and not loving it.

    Have a lovely lovely time on Sunday!

    Nicki xx

  5. That fabric is gorgeous!! I love it.
    Well done on the petticoat as well. Must be such a great feeling when you make something so pretty.

    Well done!


  6. That petticoat is so lush. I have a skirt that could really do with one like that under it!
    Am with you on the unholstering problem- if you're not sure about the fabric, don't do it! (Hubbies are a bit simple when it comes to such things!)
    Have a lovely weekend. Hope you're feeling better.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I took a bit of a break for a couple months due to crazy wedding prep, moving, and a zillion other life and work related changes at once. I am finally feeling somewhat sane again and am so glad to be visiting my blog friends once more! Your blog has evolved beautifully during the months I have been away. Kudos to you! :~)

  8. That petticoat is adorable! I wish I could sew and make them for my little girl to wear...

    I found your blog through swap bot. I a, following you now, and I look forward to seeing more of your cute projects and fab finds.



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