Monday, 13 June 2011

25 Things That Are Good For The Soul....

1. A happy, healthy family

2. Cupcakes

(from Pinterest)

3. A hot bath and a good book

4. A purring cat


5. The smell of baking

6. A whole day with nothing much to do

7. The laughter of your children

8. Flowers - especially those cut from your own garden

9. Bluebell woods

10. Laughing until you cry

11. Crochet

12. Chocolate (naturally)

13. Doing a good deed

14. Horse kisses

Me and TC

15. Random acts of kindness

16. Weepy movies

One of my fave weepy movies

17. Cuddles

18. A glass of something cold on a hot day

19. A fabulous view 

20. Seeing your best friend for the first time in 10 years

21. Riding your horse on a sunny day

22. Seeing your niece as obsessed with horses as you

23. A good meal cooked by someone else

24. Dancing

25. The love of your life

Mr Grumpy - we've been together since we were 15

Tell me, what's good for your soul?

S x


  1. Lovely post! For me, the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning. We just bought a hand grinder for our coffee, and grinding the coffee by hand really wakes me up :)
    Ashley x
    ps. 'Mr Grumpy' makes me giggle every time I read it!

  2. Great post, I love your list!
    There are so many things it is hard to choose just one, but I do love it when my kids are getting along and you get a glimpse of what their relationship might be like when they are grown, it gives me a good feeling!
    Have a great day~! Julie:)

  3. That's a lovely list of things you have there Sarah and I would include most of them in my list. Topping the list for me is peace of mind. If I have that then I can deal with pretty much anything else. The addition to the list is having the time and means to craft be it crochet, sewing or oil painting. Creating is food for my soul.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  4. oh sarah b. i liked that post sooo much. for me i automatically think art & music, but it's really so much more than simply that. <3

  5. I adore your blog! Thanks for the mascara info on mine.
    You have such lovely taste and I loved your list and agree with them all. Except I struggle with crochet and never seem to find the time.
    But I read in the bath most nights. It's the only real "me" time I get. It's precious.
    Love your crochet hearts, so pretty!
    x x x

  6. Yes yes yes! Although am more than terrified of horses and would FREAK OUT at being as close to their gnashers as you are with your TC. Although I do think they are very beautiful creatures. Just as scary as elephants, to me, though.

    Cupcakes, baking, flowers, crochet... all the little things brighten up your day don't they and it's nice to take a moment to appreciate our special loved ones sometimes, even if they ARE grumpy. :-)

    Lovely post. Did you post up a pic of the Country Living apple cake? Looks amazing, I fancy that I do.

    Nicki xx

  7. What a great list Sarah. :)

    So many things for me, it's hard to only choose a few, but like you a happy healthy family is a top priority, then simple things like a beautiful sunset, a sunny day, giving someone a surprise gift ... I could go on and on, lol!


  8. vicky crawford20 June 2011 at 23:48

    ah Sarah love the pic of us such a nice suprise to have made the list xxx


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