Thursday, 30 June 2011


I decided to take inspiration from my fellow bloggers and do a couple of mosaics. One of completed projects and one just because:

Gosh, I was busy making things this month!!

June is always a busy, expensive, emotional month. We have Father's Day; H's birthday; the anniversary of my Dad's death; W's birthday and then what would have been Dad's birthday - phew!!

S x


  1. Thanks for stopping by and telling me about your mosiacs. I love the crochet phone cover and that dresser is beautiful.

    Your blog is lovely, how have I not found it before :)

  2. Lovey mosaics there Sarah! I really like your pom pom trim cushion and crochet phone cover too. I've just this week got my Crochet unravelled book to try and give crochet a go.

    I hope July is just as productive for you.


  3. Love these mosaics Sarah, it really shows just how much you've achieved!


  4. I love the mosaics... how the images are all different sizes. How do you do that?
    I loovvvvee your pompom union jack cushiona, it's gorgeous! Love the colours you've used for your phone cover.

    Ashley xxx

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your comment, I had to laugh but how can a girl resist a kidney shaped dressing table?!
    Hen x

  6. hello, thankyou for my award :)
    loving your collages, must learn how to that.
    have a lovely evening x x x x x

  7. Georgeous mosaics Sarah! What a lovely way to see what you have accomplished.
    Anne xx

  8. Absolutely loving your post. Can't believe how many incredibly beautiful things you have made. Very impressed my dear!
    June is now over. You survived.
    Now pat yourself on the back for getting through the good and bad times and treat yourself to a gert slab of cake, as we say in the west country.
    Gem xx


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