Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I got an award!! :0) So, Ten Facts About Me....

"Lost In Blue" over at wiredtomyworld.blogspot.com has very kindly given me a Kreativ Blogger award - my first ever award and I am trilled to bits!!

I now have to list 10 random facts about me and then pass the award on - so here goes:

1. I have had long hair for almost 34 years. The one and only time I had short hair was in 1977 - I was five and wanted it cut like "Purdy" from the Avengers

Then the next morning when I saw my little sister having her hair put in bunches I cried!! I grew my hair and it has been long ever since - it's currently to my waist.

2. I sleep a lot. I love napping and need a minimum 10 hours a night to feel human.

3. I am emetophobic (have a fear of vomiting) - this is a result of my last pregnancy when I was sick for the whole 38 weeks and needed 9 admissions to hospital for rehydration. My phobia is so bad I have been in The Priory to try and tackle it. It didn't work.

4. I have one tattoo, on my foot:

The stargazer lilies and ivy were part of my wedding flowers and the stamens in the tattoo form "H" and "W" for my boys. The orchid was my Dad's favourite flower. I got the tattoo in 2009, a couple of months after Dad died :0(

5. I'm not very good at swimming. I was 11 before I learnt. I DETEST going underwater or even getting my face wet and I can only do breast stroke.

6. I have webbed feet (which makes fact 5 seem even dafter!!)

7. I am very anxious, particularly about health. I struggle with worries about getting ill everyday and have to try and remember to live in the moment and not worry about "what if". It's easier said than done.

8. I love cupcakes but my only attempt at making them was a disaster, I just couldn't get the icing stiff enough despite adding a whole box of icing sugar. However, it's H's birthday on Friday and he has requested cupcakes so I want to make something like this:

(from Pinterest)

9. I fall over a lot. In fact I fell over today at the stables and have skinned my knee, my elbow and broken my Croc. Mr Grumpy says it's because my feet are too small for my body!! 

10. I don't do high heels. Not since I gave up work. I love the look of them and wish I could be like my sister who is never seen in anything less than 3" but they cripple me before I leave the house and if my feet hurt I am very grumpy. I wear Crocs/flip flops in summer and Uggs in winter.

Phew!! That was trickier than I thought!!

I'd like to pass this award onto:

The above blogs are some of my favourites and well worth checking out!!

S x


  1. Congrats on the award, and thanks so much for passing it on! :) Now to think of 10 things about myself! :)
    Ashley x
    ps, just seen the 'keep calm and write a blog' pic in your side bar. Love it!! :D

  2. And a well deserved award it is!

    I laughed at the high heels bit, I'm exactly the same. I used to wear them all the time, but haven't for years now. I used to be running up and down the escalators at the tube stations or round platforms in the stations (London) ... now I couldn't even walk round the house and survive the experience!


  3. Oh thank you very much!

    I'm sort of with you with the heels thing. I used to wear them all the time but lost my tolerance when pregnant the first time. I can still manage wedges but only when I'm near my fighting weight. Coupled with your falling over problem, best you stick to flatties!!! I hardly ever fall over, I have BIG feet, think I might have told you that already....god I'm repetative.

    Chuffed with the award love, really very nice of you.


  4. Thanks so much for my award chickadee. Very pleased to get it and I love your blog so it's great to know you enjoy mine too!
    Thanks for the zebra info, I will tell my sis. She makes me laugh. She calls zebras Roy. Very mad sister I have!!!
    How did you get that Keep Calm and Write a Blog thing?
    x x

  5. Love the tattoo, always admiring but never brave enough to have it done.
    Thank you for the comment on Isla's cardi, it goes up to size 3-4, but would be really easy to make a larger size as its a really simple pattern. xx

  6. I met Peter Andre years ago, around the time he saing "Mysterious Girl" and yes very friendly and decent.
    Tattoo looks great, ouch, I couldn't have one myself, I would be tres scared.Thanks for the link to the CK vintage caravan lady


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