Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Birthday Boy....

Today our youngest W is 11:

A birthday portrait -check out those dimples!!

We've been naughty and let him have the day off school and he has been busy playing with all his new XBox games and supervising the creation of his hedgehog birthday cake (pics to follow tomorrow!!)

Grandma lives about 25 minutes away in a local seaside town and so tonight we are off to the fair near to hers (which, incidentally is where Mr G and I first met 23 years ago) and we are also going to partake in a fish and chip supper.

S x

BTW Many thanks for all the kind words  - I have managed to add the pics I wanted to show of my Dad to yesterday's post, so do have a look if you've time....


  1. Aww, many happy returns to your son. Do hope you have a lovely evening. Hmmm ... fish and chips. :-p (that's me drooling with my tongue out!)


    PS. Lovely dedication to your dear Dad. My father in law also died of cancer at 61 years old a few years ago. Here's hoping they find a cure to beat the bloody ghastly thing in our life time. x

  2. sweet daddy pix. sarah, & does everyone think your boys look like twins, besides me? have a fantastic day!

  3. Oh your post yesterday made me sorry!
    Happy happy birthday to your son, so cute and his smile says it all!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son. A day off school is a birthday treat every birthday lad should have, makes the day just that little bit more special.
    Anne xx

  5. I think everyone should get there birthday off school/work!! Hope your son had a lovely day.Fish & chip supper & the fair sounds perfect.juliexxx


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