Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Potter in Petersfield....

Yesterday we had a potter to Petersfield, I fancied a mooch in the charity and junk shops. As we approached we saw signs to tell us that this weekend they were having a food and drink festival.

Had I known it was on I would have taken my camera so I could have shared it with you. There were loads of stalls selling things including cupcakes; garlic, chilli & olives; chutneys; curry sauces and even aloe vera juice.

We bought a little punnet of olives to nibble on (even H & W love olives and have done since they were babies) and then we each chose a beautifully decorated cupcake. Mr Grumpy was most enamoured of the buxom, vintage styled cupcake seller!!

In the main square there were stalls selling hot food, and the smells of hog roasts and venison burgers mingled with the more exotic spices of the Thai green curry that Mr Grumpy chose. After perusing all the sellers so we didn't miss anything H had a Dorset sausage as big as his arm in a roll and W and myself had a beef & ale burger which was just yummy.

We then had a CakeShake (cake or sweetie flavoured fresh milkshake) for "pudding"!!

So, we literally ate our way around the town and spent a pretty penny - but it was really enjoyable and on or way back to car W said "That was a once in a lifetime opportunity"!! I think he means because usually we say no at these things and today we let them have lots of food!!

Just near the car park is a little lane with a couple of shops that are just my cup of tea - I picked up these:

Two "anti-macassars" for chair arms (are they called "anti-macassars" when they are for the arms?); a beautifully cross-stitched traycloth - each for 50p and a little pig teapot for £2.25 which I will use for the boys tea before school.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend....

S x 


  1. Antimacassars are for the back of a chair. They protected the chairback from the macassar hair oil that men wore...

  2. Love those bargains! The tray cloth is lovely. :)

    Sounds a lovely day, I could almost imagine myself eating cupcakes with you!


  3. Hi Sarah,

    Just wanted to let you know that you've won my giveaway. Please contact me to let me know the colour and writing you'd like on your glasses case, x


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