Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOYWW - My Desk....

I thought I would join in the fun over at Stamping Ground where every week they do What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday to show you what is on my desk today:

I must confess I was tempted to cheat and have a bit of a tidy up but I resisted (except for moving a bit of litter) and this is genuinely how it is today.

From L to R you can see the long needles I used yesterday to put buttons on cushions (will show you them another day as camera is nearly flat); my button jar; CK fabric; crochet cushion waiting to be sewn up; bag of embroidery threads (used in aforementioned cushion buttoning) and my sewing machine.

Today, I plan to cover my office chair (which I got off eBay for the princely sum of £3.20) so will hopefully have before/after to show you soon....

What are you doing at the moment?

S x


  1. Just wanted to say hello and how much I enjoy reading your blog! I also spy the latest Mollie Makes felt flower set on your desk. I've yet to make the phone cover, I'm relatively new to sewing and get very frustrated quickly when things do go right! I need to be more patient and make more time for it I think! I have a little pink John Lewis machine as I thought that would be a good one to start off with and then give it to my daughter if I ever progress lol.

    Your desk looks lovely, lots of yummy fabric bits on there!

  2. Nice Desk Sarah! Pretty pastels. Great bargain on ebay and looking forward to seeing your redo. Happy WOYWW!

  3. beautiful to sew off and on. I love buttons too Have fun on WOYWW Dark dreary day here lots of rain over night. Enjoy #71

  4. Lovely fabrics! Thanks for sharing your workspace, and happy WOYWW!

  5. well, if it was tidied up nobody would believe you you've been creating. :) Happy WOYWW!

  6. Really like the look of your desk - all bright and airy. Looks like a great place to work. I have that felt flower to mke up and some felt to make more or similiar.
    x Tricia (64)

  7. Lush. It all loks tres pretty. You must be another clever crafty gal. You may envy my writing career but good lord, I envy your skills!
    Anyway, compare it to my desk.
    Camera and the connecting leads
    "Busy Mother's Organiser" (too blimming busy to write in it though!)
    Chambers Concise Dictionary
    Chambers Pocket Thesaurus (hardly pocket sized, unless you were of T Rex proportions.
    A work brief
    An A4 notepad
    A Club Penguin folder (my daughter's)
    A mug of Ovaltine (rock and roll).

    x x x

  8. Love the cushion on your desk and all the pretty


  9. What a pretty desk, lovely fabrics
    thanks for sharing

  10. Such pretty colours of your desk this week Sarah, I love the fabrics.
    Seeing your cushion makes me think that I should get my crochet hook out again, I’ve not crocheted for years.

    Happy Crafting!

  11. Nice looking work space! I love all the colors and textures. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  12. I love this picture Sarah. It looks the perfect creative space to me.
    Makes me want to investigate and see what 'treasures' I can find!


  13. Your desk is a pleasure to look at - love that CK fabric. As you will see from my post I love a bargain so I'm looking forward to seeing your refurbished chair. Hope your week is a good one. Elizabeth x #99

  14. That's the way to do it.. own up and show it as it is as it's far more interesting... and you've proved it with all the great stuff there.
    Love joZarty x

  15. What a beautiful work space. Love the colours your using.

  16. OOh, like the materials, especially the one with the grey background. Do you use a lot of Cath K materials? The nearest one to me is in Winchester and I don't get down there that often. I can't buy fabric off the internet as I HAVE to feel it first!!

  17. nice looking workspace. I don't think it looks messy at all. Thanks for sharing. Vickie


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