Friday, 10 June 2011

Spreading the Floral Goodness....

You may remember this post where I asked your opinions on how to "shabby chic up" the lounge which was dark and dreary and not really my taste?

I welcomed all your comments and have been gradually changing a few things - first I bought some faux silk curtains in duck egg to replace the dark ones and Mr Grumpy fixed the curtain pole (at last!!):

I intend to change the lamps too (for a pink ones, but don't mention that to Mr Grumpy!!)

Someone suggested the horse pictures had to go but they are portraits of two of my own horses that Mr Grumpy had commissioned for me so they most definitely have to stay.

I have also been making new cushions:

The big square ones are made out of a pair of curtains I got off eBay for £3.00 (they made another pair for the big sofa too) and I made a Union Jack bolster cushion too:

I'm pleased with how it's turned out - when I first learnt to sew I bought the pom pom trim, tried to trim a cushion with it and it was hopeless!! So, the fact I managed it quite easily yesterday shows me that I have improved.

I have some more fabric to make another set of cushions and I'm going to have a go at making piping for them.

Anyway, hope you all have a nice weekend....

S x


  1. Very pretty! :) Good luck with the piping!
    Ashley x

  2. That UJ bolster is fantasic! Very well done. May be you could change the frame on the horse portraits if you're not happy with them. I think they are fine as they are, not sure even if you were questioning them anyway. They would look lovely in my drawing room. Shame they're your horses and one offs. Maybe an ornate cream frame would be more shabby chic?

    What will you be sewing and showing us next?!


  3. Well done Mr Grumpy! Do you think he could pop round and fit the skirting boards in our kitchen (my hubby's been meaning to do it for four years!) ;-)

    Gorgeous cushions (especially the bolster), they make such a difference; really prettied up the room. Never underestimate the power of the cushion!


  4. Awesome Sarah! Those cushions really lighten up the brown sofas. I love it!
    Anne xx

  5. It looks lovely Sarah, are the cushions made envelope style?

    You've got an award on my blog, it's on my post made today.

  6. That union jack cushion is so cool. I bet it was fun to make, too. I Love the wallpaper in that room! Amazing. I grew up in a house with white walls and have lived in drab apartments since moving out, so I am incredibly jealous of such pretty walls.

    ~Laney (rainysunshine789 - swapbot blog swap)


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