Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Never Give Up - (Look What I Made!!)

You may remember me telling you how for years I thought I couldn't crochet or sew, and that I took the plunged and have become competent at both?

Well, I can't knit either - have always been AWFUL at it - I would start with 20 stitches on my needle and somehow end up with 40, where these other stitches were coming from was anybody's guess - maybe they were breeding?

Anyway, last year I went to a class at my local wool shop and it wasn't long before the owner Claire realised that I was wrapping the yard round wrong (somehow?!!) and thus creating extra stitches. By the end of the class she even had me doing a little bit of cabling!!

However, I still found knitting D-U-L-L. Compared to crochet it works up S-L-O-W-Y and I am an instant gratification kinda gal. So the knitting was cast to one side.

But recently I have been hankering after making socks - inspired by Alice over at Crochet With Raymond - she has been knitting the most beautiful socks and I wanted to try.

The result:

As you can see it fits me perfectly (I say "it" as I have so far only knitted the one!!) but as such my feet must be a very odd shape as this is what it looks like off:

It looks like something Father Christmas might see hung on a mantelpiece!! I judged how long to make the foot by trying it on and as I said it does indeed fit perfectly so I must have short fat feet!! In actual fact they are a size 6 and I take regular width shoes so not quite sure what is going on there!!

I followed this pattern here but could not have done it without Kelley's Sock Class on YouTube (although she is using a circular needle, I did mine on four double points).

I nearly gave up doing the leg as the boredom set in but the combination of the variegated yarn and the TV kept me going.

So, the moral of this tale is even if for years your have thought you can't - maybe, just maybe - you can....

S x


  1. Yay, well done!! I managed my first pair with the help of youtube too, so much easier being able to actually see what it's meant to look like :)
    Ashly x

  2. Love the sock! Good job I read what i'd just written before I hit the 'post comment' button as there wasn't an 'S' at the beginning of the word 'sock' but a 'c'! whoops!
    Anyway, I still haven't got your email so can you add another comment to my blog and let me know what colour etc you'd like,

    Thanks x

  3. Great sock Sarah. Looking forward to seeing two socks. :)
    Anne xx

  4. Hello! I've been popping over now and again for a little while now but always at a stupid time so I never managed to leave a comment or to click follow. Finally here I am doing both!

    I went to leave a comment on you wallpaper/paint conundrum regarding your chimmney breast TV wall. I reckon go the whole hog and paper it in matching paper.

    I'm s l o w l y .....SLOWLY learning to knit. It's taking me ages to get around to trying new stitches becasue I get board too. It takes an age to grow doesn't it?! But like you the sock bug has bitten so I figure I need to learn the basics first.

    Sorry for laughing but yes your sock is perculiar without your foot in it!! My sock, I'm sure, will be the total opposite as I have long, flat feet. I almost never fall over, even in a strong wind, so long and flat are my feet!

    I've been loving your comments over at mine. I always smile when I get one from you, I've seen your comments at Coco Roses too (I think it was there) and you always say such encouraging stuff. Lovely meeting people like you in blogland.

    Now get off the web and go knit your 2nd sock! ;oD


  5. Love your blog, only just found it after you left me a message. Thanks for that, lovely to hear from you.
    Ha, I was indeed very frazzled. Never too frazzled to blog though of course!
    I feel much better now, I am waking up, at 6pm! The little girls have now gone home and we all had a lovely time with cakes and biscuits and then spag bol and chocolate mousse. The mum and I put the world to rights as always as the kids just ran riot.
    Yes I am a trained journalist. I trained on the NCTJ course back in 1994. I always wanted to write, my dad and grandfather were also journalists. So I am in blog heaven!
    What was your assignment?
    I think I once interviewed an author who'd gone on that course and done very well out of it!
    You are so right about dresses, I shall put one on tomorrow, provided it doesn't rain.
    Going to put this message on your blog too as not sure you will see this otherwise x x

  6. Congratulations on the sock!
    It's brillaint that you're getting to grips with it and finding you can knit.

    I hope the same happens to me with crochet and that it'll just suddenly click into place.
    Not happening yet though ...



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