Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Birthday Boy....

I have a couple of pics from H's birthday tea to share - he had requested blue cupcakes as his cake and so I spent most of Friday afternoon baking and icing them:

You should have seen the mess I got myself into icing them!! This time I managed to get the buttercream beautifully stiff so it was pipeable and I now have a Tala icing bag so thought the icing would be straight forward.

It wasn't.

The piping bag is made of some sort of polyester fabric and as I squeezed, the icing started oozing out of the seam like little blue worms!! Then as I went on the outside of the bag became coated in greasy, buttery, icing that had oozed through the very fabric of the thing!! I was elbow deep in it!!

Still, despite all that they turned out ok and H was pleased with them:

As our boys get bigger I find myself hankering after another baby. Mr Grumpy is horrified by the idea and I had such a horrible time with my last pregnancy (severe sickness for 38 weeks, with 9 hospital admissions) that I was put right off - until then I had always said I wanted four children.

As my biological clock starts to tick much more loudly (I'm 38) though I find myself increasingly broody and I daydream about what it would be like to have another baby now. 

I know it would be a ridiculous thing to do, H and W are at such an age now that we feel comfortable leaving them at home for a couple of hours if we want to nip out during the day. It has been nice for Mr Grumpy and I to have a bit of daylight time to ourselves without having to get a babysitter and of course a baby would put a stop to all that.

But I still can't help feeling broody - if someone could guarantee I wouldn't have the bad sickness again I would really be nagging Mr Grumpy into submission.

I will confess here too, that although I would love another baby of either sex, I particularly would like a girl. I absolutely ADORE my boys but I am a little sad that I won't have that special mother-daughter relationship; going shopping together; doing girly things; helping to plan her wedding; being there when she becomes a mother.

I know maybe I can do some of those things with the boys (hopefully I will get lovely daughter-in-laws) but I do feel a funny sense of loss for the daughter I'll never have.

Gosh, that sounds melodramatic!!

Onto lighter things - car boot finds:

Two flowery plates and a bowl for £3. I want to start a collection of mismatched dinner plates and bowls - I already have a few tea sets but I want some china I can use every day.

BTW I know today is Fathers Day, but it's a bit of sore point here as in 2009 my Dad died the day after :0( - however, I hope you are all having a nice day - do remember to give your Dads an extra big hug and think of us who have lost ours....

S x


  1. wow those cupcakes look lovely! :)
    Ashley x

  2. Aw love, big kisses firstly for Father's Day. Thinking of you. Big love.
    Secondly H looks so happy with those cakes (wish I lived near, I am desperate for sugar and have nothing nice to eat!) You are a good mum.
    Completely understand what you are saying re being broody and wanting a girl.
    On the broody front, I am ALWAYS broody but I remind myself that the babies grow up into adults and I can't keep having babies just for the cute stage. I hate being pregnant. I put on stones and stones and look dreadful. Also I am crap on no sleep and the Prince didn't sleep AT ALL for over a year which nearly killed me.
    Your conservatory(?) looks amazing. Where did you get the flower garland from, wrapped round the pole? I have bunting wrapped round mine but love your flowers.
    x x x

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I had a really big giggle when you were explaining about icing the cupcakes. Little blue worms, he he! The cupcakes look amazing by the way and I can see how much effort you went to.
    It is sad in one way when your children start to grow up, but as you say there are other benefits such as being able to take a little time out for you and hubby. If you had another baby there would be no guarantee that you wouldn't spend another 9 months being ill and that you wouldn't have another boy. Of course you know that. I always wanted 3 kids but after two REALLY bad bouts of post natal depression, I just couldn't put my husband through that again, or myself. That being said, I do wish I had a son. However I'm very fortunate to have nephews, one in particular is almost like a son to me as we have spent lots of time together and he is very much a part of our family. You do have a little neice who shares your love of horses and you can nurture that beautiful relationship and be very involved in her life. Not quite the same as having your own daughter I know.
    It's hard having Father's Day reminding of you of your own loss. Thinking of you.
    Starting a collection of mismatched flowery plates and bowls will be fun. Looking forward to seeing your collection grow. :)
    Have a fab week Sarah,
    Anne xx

  4. The cupcakes look fab! I too had that problem with icing bags, I then got some disposable ones from Sainsburys which are plastic and no ozzing at all and best bit you don't have to wash them up! Not sure how much they were, a few pounds for 10 on a roll. I think they also sell them in Lakeland too.

    I felt broody and lost for a whole year when my little girl started school and it's only this last year I've began to enjoy the kids getting older and enjoying my time whilst they are at school! I think to go back to the beginning now with a new baby would be very hard work indeed!

    I too think your conservatory is really lovely indeed!

    Take care.


  5. LOL..I loved reading your comment on my blog...!
    Thanks..will take a read of yours, later ;-)x

  6. Iknow exactly what you mean about about a sense of loss for the daughter you will never have. I have 2 wonderful boys and feel so grateful for them but I feel exactly the same. My partner thinks I'm a bit melodramatic about it but it does make me really sad sometimes as I have such a wonderful relationship with my own mum.


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