Thursday, 8 September 2011

£1.50!!!!!!! And A Union Jack Bureau....

I bought a copy of "The Beano" today because I wanted a comic to decoupage with and I nearly keeled over because it was £1.50!!!!!!

I used to go to the corner shop with 15p and buy The Beano AND 5 x pink shrimps!! How can it be £1.50?!!

It is printed on better paper granted, but blimey!!

I wanted it to decoupage the desk part of a bureau we have painted with a Union Jack for the boys room:

You can see more pics over at my Fugly-To-Fabulous blog. I can't show you the decoupage inside yet as it's still wet and looks bubbly and uninspiring!!

We're pretty pleased with how it worked out, we wanted a heavily distressed look and think it'll look good with the other UJ bits I have on the shopping list for the room (bedding and rug).

Hope you're all well, isn't this week just flying by?!!

S x


  1. Fab work Sarah. My sister has some little tables she wants painting. I`m so inspired by your makeovers I`m going to have a go myself.

  2. Kids'comics and mags are really pricey, I know. If you need more Beano mags, let me know. Although my daughter has given away a load of hers, we've still got some from the 80s and 90s. Just email me if you do! Love love love the bureau. I'm off to look at Fugly to Fabulous. xx

  3. helloooo lovely! wow! i love that! mags are well pricey now!!!! sophia loves charlie and lola mag but the 2.50 seems a lot for a kiddies mag!
    i used to get a quid a week, sometimes more if nanny and gramps came to stay- so back when i was a nipper i never looked at mags- just bought a quids worth of penny mix's! hehe x
    hope your kiddies are enjoying school xxxx

  4. Very chic! Would look gorgeous anywhere. Lucky lads! x

  5. Right, I'm going to pick your brains because you are now officially the 'makeover queen'!!

    I've got an old dark wood framed oval mirror - I THINK it's mahogany. It's extremely smooth with almost no grain at all. I desperately want to paint the frame white. HELP!!!

    *Sigh* ... I remember my brothers buying The Beano with their pocket money and I used to buy Twinkle for 15p!!!


  6. Distracted by Heather's comment for a minute - I used to buy Twinkle too! I'd get that and some of those little gummy bear jellies which were half a pee each. You'd get 20 for 10p which seemed LOADS. Seems Heather and me have the same plans for dark mirrors in our house and we both asked similar questions! You are the queen of makeovers in our blogworld x

    Anyway, love, this piece is great. The union jack is fab, can't wait to see inside it. I'm watching those chairs of yours on ebay and hoping they haven't sold by the time I get a new table in my dining room - if I can fit them in I'm blinking well buying them!

    Nicki xx

  7. Oh, you are so clever with your furniture- and another blog? Where, mrs, do you find the time?!!!!
    Love the union Jack- very cool for a boys room.
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. Hi gorgeous,

    I didn't know you had another blog! I'm off to check it out!!

    I love this Union Jack look! I'm a total sucker for anything Union Jack!!

    Did you see that you were eatured on Perfectly Imperfect today? I'm not one bit surprised! This is so lovely!


  9. This is beautiful and I'd love to do something similar with an old bureau that had been mine and is now my son's. Did you use chalk paint for it? If so, is it hard to use?


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