Friday, 2 September 2011

Lovelies In The Post....

We have had some lovely things in the post the last couple of days - today it was this:

Which opened to reveal:

It's a Bakewell Pudding!! My Mum and Stepdad have been on holiday this week in the Peak & Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales and Mum sent us the pudding from The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Company.

We have just had it for lunch with cream!!:

I grew up in Nottinghamshire and we would often pop along to Bakewell for a mooch about and a pudding so it was a lovely taste of my childhood to share with my boys.

A lovely card from Cuckoo - she sent me a Cath Kidston label for my next bag project - thanks sweetie!!: 

Yesterday, one of my lovely followers (makes me sound like a cult leader!!) Sharon sent me a fab vintage crochet booklet, she bought a stack of knitting patterns from a charity shop and I was very touched that when she found a crochet booklet among them she thought of me:

Isn't it nice when the postie brings something that isn't a bill?


S x


  1. Aw that is so nice. I love getting lush stuff in the post. Last fab thing I got was that gorge skirt Cuckoo worked on for me.
    Never had Bakewell pudding, unless it's the same as a tart???
    Hope you have a lush weekend.
    I survived the 6 kids today, all gone now and house surprisingly not too trashed.
    Much love
    x x

  2. Mmm pudding! I love it when postie brings exciting parcels.

  3. Oh it's always so great to get goodies in the post............and food goodies? Wowzer!


  4. Oooohh food in the post, yes please!
    I've never actually seen a bakewell pudding before, only a bakewell tart.. do they taste at all similar?

    Gorgeous card from Cuckoo.

    Ashley xxx

  5. You were most welcome my lovely. It was the free one from the Make book. Next time I get a CK tea towel I'll snip off the label for you.


  6. I am craving some bread pudding now. Thank you haha.

  7. Ta muchly for your comment Sarah. I might go for sage green. I am not sure if I can cope with more sanding. I am a bit lazy!
    The fairy book was an intro to a Grimm's fairytales book that I got for Eliska. The stories are closer to the original German tales. Cinderella gets her dress from some birds, not from a fairy godmother in this one. The intro is really interesting. Hope I am not boring you with my waffle!
    I want your Bakewell pud. I am loving that it came in the post! Ace! xxx

  8. Oooo what lovely things to receive.
    I didn't even know you could send a bakewell tart in the post!.
    Love that cute card too!
    Have a great week.


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