Thursday, 15 September 2011

Recommend a Dorset Hotel? Plus More Fugly-To-Fabulous!!

Hello all!!

Firstly, can any of you lovelies recommend a hotel in Dorset? It's my birthday in 9 days (not that I'm counting!! I have never grown out of getting excited about birthdays!!) and Mr G has booked "something" - some activity he won't tell me what - in Swanage and so we are going to stay for a couple of nights somewhere in Dorset.

We're hoping to go to the vintage market in Bridport on the Sunday so will consider anywhere from the Hampshire to the Devon border!!

I have been Googling but would rather go on recommendation than just pick one!! I must confess I have been staggered by the prices some of the B&B's are charging!!

I've been very busy painting furniture and this afternoon finished this chest of drawers:

This is my first "piece" (lol!!) done in Paris Grey - which is a very popular colour from Annie Sloan, and I really like the colour, if I had any space for it I would be wanting to keep it!!

You can see the listing for it here on eBay and see more pics of it on my other blog  Fugly-To-Fabulous.

In the pipeline I have a gorgeous wooden tea trolley, two pairs of chairs and a little table so watch this space!!


S x


  1. Ooh how exciting re you going away!
    It's my birthday on Saturday and I always get very excited, like a hyped-up puppy.
    Will ask around for B&Bs for you, I know my sister stayed in a fab one - will ask her tomorrow as she is out tonight.
    LOVELY piece of furniture darl, you have def found your niche.

  2. I'm afraid I'm not much help when it comes to hotels in Dorset as I've always either lived there or had family to stay with. The only time I've stayed in a hotel in Dorset was for a few nights after our wedding and that was at The Summer Lodge in Evershot.. and well, although it's Very nice there, it's also Very expensive. A hotel for strictly special occasions!
    I hope you have a lovely birthday!
    That set of drawers is Incredible, gorgeous! Well done you with your painting skills. You must be making brilliant profits from all these 'piece's'!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Another success! Love the colour, it's v pretty. Well done you. Looking forward to seeing the tea trolley -where do you all find these tea trolleys?! I really want one and never see them anywhere.

    No idea on B&Bs in Dorset I'm afraid but I do think that most B&Bs are about the same (unless you pick one of those boutique-y ones trying to be a hotel). I always think the charm of a B&B is to have a creaky bed with a candlewick bedspread, a pink or sage green bathroom suite and a friendly landlady who makes cake for your arrival and cooks up an amazing -huge - breakfast. That's all you need!

    My birthday is at Christmastime so I start getting ridiculously excited by November! Sounds like your birthday is around the time of our wedding anniversary then, next weekend... Eek! Great to be the birthday girl!

    Nicki xx

  4. I just popped in to say what a wonderful blog you have, I have enjoyed looking back at older posts, and I laughed when you thought you made sewing machines malfunction, that's so me, I'm sure I'm a sewing machine jinx, but I keep on sewing.

  5. This is just lovely. You are a real pro with the old Annie Sloan stuff now, aren't you?!
    Such a beautiful colour too.

    How lovely to have a surprise for your bday! Xx

  6. Hey lovely Sarah,

    This is gorgeous! I'm so excited for you with this painting venture. You've got a really good eye, I think!

    The pieces are lovely!


  7. Tis colour id beautiful and you seem to have the knack of getting that 'shabby' effect. You are a clever girl. I love the blue in the pic too and the little hearts.x

  8. sorry for typos, I type too fast!

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