Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Birthday - Part One....

Hello my lovelies!! It feels like I have been away from Blogland for ages!!

I return with tales of my birthday weekend - it was my birthday on Saturday, I was 39 (eeek). I was awakened by the boys bringing in presents, they had bought me a lovely Cath Kidston shopping bag:

It's velvet and perfect for winter

Now, I had had asked Mr G for a super bargainous tan leather handbag I had found at House of Fraser reduced from £199 to £64 and indeed, he got it for me but upon opening it I didn't like it *blush* - fortunately it was my own fault so I had no worry about upsetting Mr G by telling him.

I have been using CK bags (made by either Cath or me!!) for ages and thought a grown up leather bag would be nice for winter and it was a lovely bag but it was just not *me*.  
So, that one has been returned and I have ordered the British Birds frame bag from Cath Kidston  instead. 

My Mum got me some sheepskin boots, very Pocahontas with pompoms and everything, I shall wear them with pigtails; a Victorian style nightie (my favourite sort) and a lovely duvet set in pure white cotton with pink rosebuds (the same set that Evie, my 5yr old niece has so that says a lot about me!!)

My sister got me a white rabbit night-light that she had got off my Pinterest "wishlist" (which Evie wanted to keep)  and the big CK carrier bag was a red herring as she had actually got me Cath K vouchers!! MIL & FIL and my Auntie gave me money.

So, I did very well!!

We were booked to stay in Swanage at The Purbeck House Hotel so after Grandma and Granddad arrived to look after the boys and animals we left.

We stopped at my Stepmum's (still can't get used to not saying "my Dad's") on the way for a cuppa as she and my little brother live in Dorset. They got me some lovely things:

The fabric is vintage and I plan to use it for making hand-sewn hexagons which will then cover my French style bedroom chair....

We then head off for the Sandbanks ferry over to Swanage:

Sandbanks, apparently one of the most expensive (house price-wise) areas in the country

Taken from the ferry - Studland Beach

Once we got to Swanage we parked at the hotel which was perfectly located at the top of the High Street:

The front

The back

We then had a bit of a mooch around Swanage and found a fantastic shop:

Full of gorgeous French goodies and beautiful painted furniture - I bought an enamel soap dish

We walked down to the seafront and had some lunch:


We then repaired back to the hotel for a siesta before Mr G revealed the Big Surprise - come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it....


S x


  1. Sounds like a fab birthday Sarah. Love the sound of the Victorian style nightie and the duvet set.
    Loads of lovely CK too you lucky thing.

  2. What lovely pressies. I am glad you are getting the bag that is more you. The boys did well, bless 'em.
    The shop looks great and look lovely in your birthday outfit. Ilike your dress and the flower in your hair.
    Fish and chips? I am sooooooo jealous. xx

  3. thrilled that you had a wonderful birthday sarah! you have many friends & family that love you very much. make sure you take photos, for us to see your pom pom boots, & pigtail hair. save the nightie for mr. g. :)

  4. Oooo, lovely b'day treaties for you!!
    Lovely CK goodies and a beautiful looking hotel, too.
    Can't wait to see what the surprise was!!
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Oooh what did Mr G do next? This is like the end of a great chapter in one of me favourite books, where you just want to read on.
    You look tres pretty dahlink in the fish and chips shot and I too am jealous.
    Did you walk past the Mowlam (hideous grey building) and wonder why it was ever built??!!
    I so love Swanage, they do the best fish and chips and I often go with my parents and the kids and we sit in (the chippy with sea views) and eat our own weight in lard.
    When I was 15 I went to Studland with a friend and her mum and her fit teenage brother and his fit friend. Me, my friend and the fit boys went off in a boat and pretended to break down by the nudist beach. There we saw too many flanges and elderly willies and decided to hot foot it back to the non naked people's beach. So funny.
    You got some amazing presents and happy happy happy birthday. So sorry this is the first time I have wished you happy birthday.
    What a crap friend I am, yours is exactly a week after mine!!
    x x x

  6. Happy belated birthday Sarah. What a fabulous time you had and such wonderful prezzies. I like the sound of the Victorian style nightie too and love that red CK bag. Looking forward to hearing about the BIG surprise!

  7. Gorgeous birthday pressies there Sarah and it looks very nice where you stayed too. Waiting for part 2!
    Anne xx

  8. awwww sarah what a beautiful pic of you in your cath kidston styly- beautiful!!!!
    your birthday sounds a dream xxxx

  9. Looks like you had some fabulous pressies,Sarah and a lovely day out. Love the Ck bag and cant wait to see what happened next!Love the photo of you ,you look so glam,love the flower too.xxxx

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes!

    What lovely treats you had, love all of them! Isn't that weird.....I bet we must have passed each other!!!!

    Cannot wait for the next instalment.......!



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