Thursday, 29 September 2011

Birthday Weekend - Part Three....

In which we visit Bridport Vintage Market....

The hotel we stayed in was a little bit of a disappointment if we're honest. In the back of the old house in the pics I showed you there is a refurbished "lodge" - refurbished in such a manner that all character was gone and the decor was in the style of a 1990's Travelodge.

Our room was up in the eaves and huge but had a tiny window and although very clean was just lacking any special touches that could have redeemed it despite the decor - for example there were no glasses just disposable plastic cups, not even a folder describing the hotels services, no room service despite it having been listed on LateRooms (we do like our breakfast in our room when we are away so you can still have a lie in!!) and no folded point on the toilet roll ;0)

However, breakfast was yummy and after we had loaded ourselves up with a full English we set off for Bridport which is approx 1hr from Swanage. 

On the way it started to rain but luckily it kindly stopped as we got out of the car.

The vintage market is set in a small industrial type estate and there are several permanent shops selling all kinds of lovely things as well as lots of stalls selling everything from vintage fabric, furniture and homewares to vintage Louis Vuitton handbags:

With my birthday money I bought a lovely little ceramic pin brooch with real wool felt:

It looks perfect on my bedside lamp:

I also got some beautifully embroidered tray cloths & a pair of pillowcases (the two with the same design) in the softest cotton:

The tray cloths cost between £1.00-£2.00 and the pillowcases were just £8 for the pair

We then came across a stall selling lovely vintage fabric which I couldn't resist:

Not only did this lady have some lovely fabric but she also showed me how to make my own bias binding - I saw she had some for sale and I commented how I couldn't get my head round how to make it despite looking at tutorials and she took the time to demonstrate a really easy way - she even scribbled me a diagram.

Oooh, I nearly forgot to show you this lovely glass jelly mould I got in a Swanage charity shop for £1.50:

Whilst we were wandering round all the sellers (there were a lot) I asked Mr G if he was OK (I was aware that the vintage market was more my thing you see) and he sighed and said "I'm fine. You've only gone and got me INTO all THIS!!" - mwaaaahahaha it's like a cult, we will assimilate you!!

After enjoying home baked cakes and organic lemonade we made our way back to Swanage for our customary (when away WC - Without Children) afternoon nap and then in the evening we ventured over the ferry to Poole Quay for Thai food - I had been fancying it for a while as we don't have a good Thai near us and wanted to try Pad Thai:

In the chicken is green curry - yum....

On Monday, after another yummy full English it was time to head home, via Wareham for a little mooch and we were greeted at home by William who had made me this:


So there we have it, my wonderful birthday weekend which we thoroughly enjoyed. Although I have been feeling a bit flat since getting back as it was so magical and then of course it's back to the grindstone....

I did miss the boys though and it's nice to be in your own bed!!

S x


  1. how lovely, especially your kids cake ;0)x how sweet x...shame the room wasn't to your liking- love the look of the fabrics x

  2. Wow! Brilliant place. The pin on your lamp is adorable.
    I love that your hubby is now a lover of all things vintage. thanks to me, Roman loves my granny chic and doing up old furniture.
    I love green curry. What a perfect sweetie making you a cake!
    All three days have been fab. Cheers

  3. What a bloody lovely foodie shoppie weekend. Heaven! Lovely that your man is into all the vintagey stuff now.

    It's always a bit of a bummer when it's all over.


  4. What a perfect birthday, my idea of heaven,steam train, lovely meals out,what a thoughtful hubby you have! Love the vintage buys,especially the embroidery.xxxx

  5. Aw, bless the Hubby for being mind-washed into loving it all!!!
    Sounds like a dreamy treat, hon. I'm very envious. Love hearing about Bridport market- what fab finds.
    Nearly the weekend- have a good one!

    PS laughed about you and the Mr having a WC nap- me and my Mister do the same on the rare occasion the kids are somewhere else!!

  6. oh you're so lucky it all looks lovely xx

  7. I really enjoyed reading about your weekend away, not long after her one! As a family we went to Corfe Castle on the Swanage railway in the summer and had a wonderful time. So glad you did too, there was a vintage market in Boscombe where we were staying that I picked up a few bargains in too! Lots of lovely wool and vintage lace- fab!

  8. Thank you Sarah for sharing your visit to lovely Dorset...ive loved reading and am so glad you had a great time,i adore this area :) xxx


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