Monday, 5 September 2011

Fugly-To-Fabulous. THE BLOG!!

Hello my lovelies!! Did you have a nice weekend?

I've taken the plunge and put a couple of pieces of my painted furniture on eBay and have started a blog to go with my little venture - I'd love it if you, my special ladies, could join me over there at Fugly-To-Fabulous Furnishings so I don't feel like I am talking to myself all over again!!

I thought about just linking to here from any listings but I want to be able to share everything here with you and not have to worry about saying what a bargain some sad piece of furniture was in case a potential buyer has stopped by here. You all know the effort I put into my crafts so I think if any of you wanted to buy the fact the piece was a bargain to begin with won't put you off!!

I currently have three pieces for sale - a pair of chairs:

And a TV/media cabinet:

Let me know what you think?!!

In other news, W starts senior school tomorrow - as my "last baby" it seems a bigger deal than when H started two years ago so I have to try and keep it together when I drop him off - wish me luck!!


  1. Ah bless W. The Princess starts junior school on Wed and tonight she said "I'm nervous Mum. I mean, how do I know where to go for a wee". And you forget how much they think about thinks. Very sweet.
    I get very emotional about milestones so I totally understand. I know when the prince starts pre school next year, i will blub and blub.
    Yet I don't want more babies - I just want my two to be babies all over again!
    Will look at your other blog now. LOVE the two items above.
    Did you see I'd emailed you by the way?
    x x

  2. I've noticed my carrier bag holders have labels too...will unpick them.

    I linked to you today and I have finally gotten around to sticking you in my sidebar, feels good to finally get some of my blog stuff done. I have spent wayyyyyyy too long with my stupid banner. It appaers to not like busy photo's but it uploaded the new banner which is a simple graphic.

    I shall find somewhere else to have my photo you tweaked for me. Wouldn't want all your hard work to go to waste. Hopefully it'll upload as a gadget. Does that even make sense? Am tired.

    I have no clue how I'll be when my baby starts bigger school. Actually I think I'll be in bits when Mini starts nursery...maybe I'll make him play truant!

    Love your furniture. I could have done with that TV table last year, bottoms!


  3. Brilliant! Really pleased to hear that you're going to sell some of your fugly to fabulous pieces. Love the chairs, could even do with something similar myself, and the TV cabinet is fab! I'll pop over to your new blog in a sec.

    I'm laughing at the thought of Cuckoo sending you all of her Cath Kidston labels. I imagine that you are going to be bombarded with envelopes from her, Harry Potter style. Good old Cuckoo.


  4. How exciting! Good luck to you! These are lovely pieces and should do very well on ebay. =)

  5. Oh that's great! If I had the room, I'd snap those pieces up! They're soooo pretty :) Well done!
    Aww, good luck with W! I'm sure you'll both be absolutely fine. Before you know it, it will be time to pick him up and he can tell you all about his day :)
    Ashley x

  6. LOve your chairs - I'd snap them up if I had a lovely little Toby free space - sadly they'd quickly be covered in melted chocolate ice-cream here! I'm sure they'll be snapped up quickly as they're gorgeous! Hope you were ok yesterday, I shed a few tears myself as Amy started senior school too!

  7. Those chairs are beautiful!

  8. hi looks ,love all the furniture you do always looks gorgeous going over there nowww xx sarah

  9. i love the chairs the colours are right up my street,all your furniture is gorgeous


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