Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Late Summer Evening....

Mr G's Mum & Dad took us out to dinner on Friday evening - we went to Port Solent which is a local marina which has shops (unfortunately not nearly as many as it used to), bars and restaurants. 

After a bit of umming and ahhing we settled on Chiquitos because I had an iPhone voucher from Vouchercloud for free starters or desserts with every main course (guess which we went for?!!)

Mr G said he would treat me to a cocktail so I had a Cosmopolitan:

And delicious it was too, but must have been rather mild as I am the girl who gets tiddly on half a glass of wine and this had no effect!!:

The only things I like in this pic are the cocktail and my cleavage!! Sigh, can you believe Cameron Diaz is a month OLDER than me?!!!!

Mr G:

H & W deciding what to have and posing with Grandma:

The boys both ordered huge "Cowboy Burgers":

H complained his was "too small" - he eats more than Mr G!!

Port Solent is really lovely and every time we go we say that it is like being on your holidays:

Some of the boats are amazing!! This one was moored directly opposite where we were sat:

W particularly enjoyed his free pudding!! (We have pictures of him in all kinds of places enjoying some sort of choccie treat!!):

The meal was yummy although the service was slow - it didn't matter though as we spent the lovely late summer evening chatting and laughing.

I got Grandma and Granddad to pose for a photo we could frame as we don't have one:

As the evening drew to a close the sun had set and we all went home full and happy:

S x


  1. looks like you had a lovely time! your boys are so cute.

  2. That all looks delightful Sarah! I used to live in Portsmouth and went to Port Solent loads, to Chiquitos, and to the cinema! Gorgeous place there.
    Your family looks so close and happy, lovely moments like these should be cherished.
    x x x x x

  3. Cameron Diaz farts when she walks. Never compare yourself to her!!!


  4. She also has terrible skin problems ... Hx

  5. Husband and I are 'spending strategically' at the moment which means that we are using vouchers every time we go out for dins. We've eaten at Pizza Express more than is healthy recently. I'm totes downloading the Chiquito one, get some fajitas down me! Thanks for the tip!

    Looks like you had an absolutely lovely evening - I agree with you, when you're having a nice time it doesn't matter if the service is slow, in fact I think it adds to the enjoyment if you can take your time over things.

    Lovely lovely photos.

    Nicki xx

    Can I ask for your help on something please? I have a big mirror in my dining room which is black plastic (I think it's plastic anyhow, it looks like wrought iron but is pretty light considering). I want it to be cream - am thinking spray paint is the answer. Have you used before and can you recommend something please? xx

  6. Your drink looks yummy, and I love the name "cowboy burgers" looks like a lovely Friday family evening dinner.
    xo Susan

  7. What lovely family time to have together. Making memories is so important.
    Have a fab. week,
    Anne xx

  8. Mmmmm i do love a cosmo!! i was in Tkmaxx yesterday where they had huge cosmo glasses - seriously they were huge - about as big as my littlest boy!! xx

  9. You all look like you had a great time Sarah.
    So lovely to see everyone together like that.



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