Sunday, 18 September 2011

I'm Sat Here In The Conservatory Watching....

....this little chap:

See him by the trampoline? We have some large, mature trees at the bottom of the garden and he lives in one of them. We also have a hazel tree so he has been busy collecting the nuts and storing them for the winter - I've been sat here watching him collect them in his mouth:

....before searching for a few moments for the perfect spot - he then digs a little hole, firmly pushes the nut in and then pats it down,

He has the most *fabulous* thick, bushy tale I have ever seen on a squirrel!!:

Isn't he just lovely? And especially lovely that I can sit in my house and watch him from the window!!

I finally chose a hotel for my birthday weekend next week, we went for somewhere in Swanage as Mr G says the surprise "thing" he has booked is late afternoon and evening so staying actually in Swanage is probably best. Mr G refuses to tell me what the "surprise" is, the clues I have are:
  • It needed to be booked
  • It was expensive
  • I can wear a nice frock to do it 
I'm thinking some kind of meal or something, but I don't know what that could be in Swanage - Mr G also says if I Google and find out he'll be cross so if any of you lovelies have a clue best not tell me!!

We've been busy painting furniture here this weekend - the French style drawers sold in 24 hours so we have been "restocking", lol!!

Hope you're having a nice one....


S x


  1. sarah, what a great guy to surprise you for your birthday! i bet it'll be spectacular. nice squirrel photos, & happy repainting!

  2. Hi Sarah, im a new blogger and your newest follower, love your blog and PLEASE let us know where you went in Swanage and what you did, i adore the area and love reading about it.. ps your makeovers are fab! xxxJustine.

  3. wooohooo surprise birthday treat! sounds exciting!
    love the little grey fluffy tailed friend in your garden ;0)x

  4. Squirrels are so cute. Saw a Spode one in a charity shop the other day, but they wanted more money than I was willing to part with.
    Am very excited for you and your exciting bday treat...!
    I have my ideas, but will keep to myself!!

  5. Oooo, birthday surprises are so much fun. Let me say in advance, Happy Birthday!!!
    That little squirrel is gorgeous and I love his big fluffly tail. You'd wonder how he would remember all the places he'd buried his nuts! I guess that the miracle of nature.
    Lovely to hear you sold your French furniture piece. You must be very happy.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  6. How exciting!
    It was my birthday on Saturday and we went home to my parents in Somerset and the husband took me out on Saturday night for dinner and to a comedy club which was absolutely brilliant.
    We had such a wonderful evening, as I am sure you will too!!!
    The squirrel is tres cute, I love them. The Prince calls them "kwirls"
    Swanage is lush! My sis is away so couldn't reach re the B&B....sorry.
    x x x x


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