Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Last Of The Summer Holidays....

Well, H & W are back at school. I didn't want to them to go back. I love having them at home, with lazy mornings and nowhere to be unless we fancy an outing. My sister couldn't wait to get her kids back but I am completely the opposite and have even been known to have a little cry because the boys are back at school.

I was good though this morning when W went off for his first day at senior school, he looked so grown-up in his uniform and I did get a bit of a "prickly nose" but I managed to hold it together.

I thought I would share a few pics from a little outing we had this weekend. We packed a bag with bread & butter, salt, vinegar and ketchup and headed off to Wickham with the intention of buying a bag of chips each to make chip butties in the water meadows.

When we arrived in the village though (having had a puncture on the way there, luckily we had everything we needed for Mr G to change it) the chippy was shut. At 1.00pm. On a Saturday. 

On closer inspection there was a note in the window saying they were shut Sat 3rd for a family wedding. How very dare they?!! We couldn't believe how typical it was though that on the only day in months we choose to go to buy chips there they are closed for the day.

So, we made do with some pasties from the bakery. And Mr G made full use of the bread and butter by making a corned beef pasty sandwich. I kid you not.

After we had eaten it was time for tree climbing:

Barefoot, because flip-flops are not the best footwear for arboreal adventures....

And paddling:

I even had a go much to everyone's amusement (fortunately there is no photographic evidence) - I could only stick it 5 minutes though as it was freezing and my feet when numb!!

We even picked a few horse-chestnuts for conkering on the way back to the car.

It was lovely to be out together, H is a funny one - he is a bit (a lot!!) obsessed with the PC and xBox and never wants to leave the house (we can quite easily see him as one of those nerdy types who become hermits) but after a bit of a moan he always has a good time and it's lovely to see him outdoors!!

Hope your last few days of the school hols were nice, and everyone has gone back to school happily....


  1. A bit of a nerdy one! Oh that's classic!

    Arboreal adventures. I am so going to start using that in my everyday language in order to trick people into thinking I'm a clever dick.

    Well done for not having a full on sob. I surprised myself and felt totally lost yesterday when my boys went back. They'd been driving me mental yet I missed them dreadfully.

    Now then, nothing wrong with a pasty sandwich. I used to regularly have sausage roll sarnies when I was pregnant with Big. But since joining Slimming World yesterday they are veto'd. I'm hoping I'll do better with SW this time round, I was a total pig on it last time!


  2. te he - Cleggy would put literally ANYTHING between bread, including lasagne and quiche. Chic!

    Hope your boys got on ok today - #1 isn't home yet as gone to play footy. If that blazer is a goal post I'll have his guts for garters.

    fee x


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