Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Birthday Weekend - Part Two....

So, on Saturday afternoon, after our mooch around Swanage we had an indulgent afternoon nap before we started to get ready to go out. I had just got out of the bath when Mr G gave me the tickets for my surprise:

Dinner on a steam train!! I was so delighted!! And pleased Mr G told me before I was ready to go out as this called for little black dress and posh chignon!!

Now I apologise for the quality of the following pics, our camera is rubbish at the best of times and by the time we arrived at the station (which was a short walk from the hotel) it was starting to get dark:

Isn't it fab? Note the vintage suitcases on the trolley....

We were all welcomed and invited aboard for a drink whilst we awaited the arrival of the engine:

There was even a red carpet....

Inside the bar car, it even smelt vintage (in a good way!!):

Soon it was announced that the Wessex Belle had arrived:

Filling her up with water....

I am unashamed to confess that I cried!! I was so overcome with emotion at the sight of this magnificent engine and at the fact that my wonderful husband, whom I *utterly* adore had arranged such a special surprise and one that was just so *me*.

Ugh, bingo wings....

My lovely Mr G holding my wrap and my drink!!

It was then time to board the train and go to our table. The dining car was just how you would imagine it with tables for four on the left and tables for two on the right, plush blue velvet "wing back" chairs, soft lighting and linen tablecloths:

I meant to take pictures of the food but I forgot!! I had minestrone soup; chicken fricassee with roast potatoes and veggies; lemon cheesecake (one of the best I've had in a while); cheese and biscuits and coffee and mints. Mr G had ham terrine; lamb shank with blackberry sauce; tiramisu cake plus the cheese and coffee.

We went along the track at quite a leisurely pace and if you peered hard enough through the window you could just see the ruins of Corfe Castle silhouetted against the night sky. Although it would have been nice for it to have been lighter so we could have seen the view, the darkness coupled with the chuff chuffing of the engine, the steam floating in through the open window and the soft lights made it very romantic.

The pic on the tickets....

The only comical part of the evening was when I had to swap places with Mr G as the train went up and down the line twice and I can't travel backwards - this amused our waiter (who looked exactly like Sir Ian McKellan!!) no end!!

We finally arrived back at Swanage full, happy and loved up and strolled back to the hotel. Mr G commented that he hoped he had earned lots of Brownie points and I replied that he had, but a few had been deducted for saying he hoped he had!!

Come back tomorrow for part three when we go to Bridport Vintage Market and I show you the purchases made there from....


S x


  1. Oh you LUCKY LADY! I saw that carriage when we were on the train during the day and thought how lovely it would be to have a meal on it! Glad it was a lovely evening. There is something so lovely about being on an old steam train. The smoke and sounds and smell of the wood is heaven. I have to say, I loved Swanage and am definitely going back! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! What a fabulous birthday celebration...and why does everything look like such a cool adventure when it is overseas????? (haha...i'm roasting in Florida and WISHING i were across the pond right now:) Thanks for sharing...looking forward to part 3.

  3. Aw this is soooooo cute. What a gorgeously kind and romantic hubby you have. And you looked lush!!!
    So glad you had such a wonderful time - a birthday to remember.
    Blimey, I wonder what he will do next year!
    Loads of love (in haste as trying to get Princess to bed as just been on phone to mum and sis for waaaaaaaay too long)
    x x x xx

  4. Oh how divine!!
    This just sounds perfect (I had to laugh at swapping places because you can't travel backwards- I think I would do the same!!)
    looking forward to part 3..

  5. Now what a treat you looked in your LBD! Tres chic mon amis! I'd love a meal on a steam train, what a great idea. I may well have to drop a few hints next May.


  6. This sounds so lovely, dining on a steam train. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time, how could you not?! :)
    Anne xx

  7. I love those old trains. Things were made so much more beautifully then.
    What a lovely hubby.You look lovely and so happy. xxx

  8. how charming! loving the points deducted for asking....when Cleggy asks if he's earnt extra points we both know what that means.........!
    fee x
    (pesky men)

  9. How adorable!
    loving that you deducted points for asking. When Cleggy asks if he's earnt extra points we both know what that means.........!

  10. now I think I've left 2 identical comments - feel free to delete one! lest i look boring!


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