Monday, 12 September 2011

Oooooh, I've Been Featured!!And Other Random Musings....

Hello my lovelies, hope you've all had a smashing weekend?

I'll tell you about ours but first I have to tell you that my Union Jack bureau has been featured on a posh US blog, I'm proper chuffed as Shaunna is a real furniture painting guru!! 

It's funny because Mr G and I both LOVE this piece now (Mr G says he hates the term "piece" and so always employs a sarcastic tone of voice when using it) - halfway through though we both thought it was hideous!! It looks really good in the boys room (I'll have to show you later as the camera is flat).

And, we have sold our first "piece"!! The TV cabinet:

We got £75 for it so we're delighted!!

This weekend was busy, on Friday Mr G had to fetch my Mum's carpet as we are having it for the stairs and landing and she wanted it out of the way - not that we have any more room for it, it's currently in the garage in the way of Mr G's motorbike and the underlay is in our "posh" (as opposed to our "horse") car.

Saturday, we went to the last local car boot of the season, we got a nice bowl with roses, a pressed glass cake stand and two huge candlesticks that are just begging to be spray painted!!

After that it was B&Q to buy MDF as after 10 months of waiting for him to replace the shelves that all fell down when the cats did "wall of death" on them I put my foot down and insisted that Mr G perform his husbandly duty.

Home for lunch, then out to do the ponies before back home for shelf hanging and painting. 

Mr G went RC racing yesterday while I did more painting and then W and I watched "Poltergiest". Now this was the first "horror" film I ever watched, I was about 12 and it terrified me. In fact it still scares me now!! 

I regard watching a horror movie you are a bit young for as a rite of passage and I wanted W to watch the same one as I had. However, W's conclusion (although he did watch it from behind a cushion "just in case") was "It wouldn't scare the skin off a rice pudding" - he was singularly unimpressed!! 

This week is the first full week of school, W started senior school last Tuesday but the whole of year 7 went off on Weds for 3 days of camp. Today is the first day they have to walk home together too. I feel a bit bad but Mr G insists unless it's raining they should walk - it's 1.2 miles -

oooooh, they've just got in and are moaning their HEADS off!! They are not happy and W says "I'm never walking home again". Oh dear. 

Mr G is adamant and says I am a big softie - he says it's saving petrol, eco-friendly and good exercise (neither of the boys are sporty in the least).

Anyway, apologies for the lack of photos this post, will have to make it up next time!!


S x


  1. Oh well done for selling your first piece!!!!! The word "piece" always makes me laugh for some weird reason.
    If I saw a model stripping off, I would say "I hope she won't reveal her piece". That kind of context is "piece" for me.
    But only in a silly way, not when talking to the Princess, I hasten to add!!
    Re walking to school, it won't do them any harm esp if they don't do any other exercise but I do know what you mean.
    I reckon get them to walk unless TEAMING it down with rain!!!
    Hope all is well with you. Sorry not replied to your email, well aware I haven't, but will soon I promise.

  2. Yee-ha!! Well done for selling your first 'piece'! Also hate the word 'piece' - I work for a big organisation (in finance) and when people are working on a particular project they call it a piece. Like, 'yeah, such and such is working on the mortgage piece'. Makes me grit my teeth. Anyway, I think you are using it in the right way here, even if it does sound a bit w@nky. Soz for swearing.

    I bought some of that spray paint in Antique White today - thanks for the tip off gorgeous lady! Just have to wait for some fine weather - think I would have ended up with a face full of paint if I'd tried it outside today, windy or what?!

    Nicki xx

  3. How lovely! I'm enjoying reading through your blog as a new follower! Such fun!


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