Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another Mini Makeover, Crochet and Washing-Up!!

Did you have a nice weekend? 

Our dishwasher is indeed, on the blink so yesterday for the first time the boys did the washing-up. I couldn't resist sneaking up with the camera to get photographic evidence:


Then they saw me so H posed with his rubber gloves!!

I've brokered a deal with them that if they wash up every evening without complaint they will get extra pocket money - I didn't tell them that it'll probably be a couple of months before we can afford a new dishwasher!!

I've been making over some picture frames I got from the car boot sale - they were dated white and gold but only 50p each so I painted them with emulsion tester pots, gave them a coat of varnish and made a mount from scrapbooking paper:

Look how little they were, bless!!

I also crocheted a case for my phone:

Ignore the stray thread!!

The pattern is from a crochet pattern in a  free eBook from Julia Crossland.

Lastly, Ashley over at  Jellybean's Odds and Ends has very kindly given me a Versatile Blogger award, so I will have to think of seven facts and seven blogs to pass it on to and tell you tomorrow....

S x


  1. He, he, I love the pink washing up gloves on your son. Are they taking it in turns to wash and dry? Your photo frame looks fab. especially with those little cherubs looking out. Gorgeous case for your phone too.
    Anne xx

  2. very cute, all of the above!

  3. Aww, such good little helpers :) Love the frame and the phone case!
    Ooh, can't wait to read your facts :)
    Ashley x

  4. Oooo, I am loving your sweet little phone case- cute colours.

  5. I love the colours on the phone cover, and yes, your boys are so cute doing the dishes

  6. What a great picture of the boys! :) I love it.

    The frames look great Sarah, I love the colour. It's amazing what a bit of fresh paint can do to completely transform something.

    I love that little phone case! It looks adorable with the flower on it. Was the flower difficult to make?


  7. Ahh bless, it's good to start them young! x


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