Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend Makeovers and More Birthday Pics....

I hope you are all enjoying this scorching weather? It makes a change after all the rain we've been having. Why is it the weather in this country goes from the sublime to the ridiculous? We have an unseasonably dry April & May and then it tips it down for the majority of June. Not good for the hay which means I'll be forking out a fortune again to feed my ponies this winter.

Anyway, let me show you what we've been up to this weekend.

Firstly, a couple of pics from W birthday tea at Grandma's on Thursday:

Mr G, Grandma, Granddad, W & H - look at at the size of those fish & chip suppers!!

Although the cake looks rather like a cowpat in those pics it was, in fact, a hedgehog (as requested by W):

A bit of a scruffy hedgehog

Yesterday we all the way up to Basingstoke to get a funny little dresser that I got off eBay. I wanted it to house the xBox/Virgin box/media PC/Wii etc as the sideboard we had lost a door when H hauled himself up off the floor by hanging onto it and Mr G couldn't fix it as the wood had split.

Apart from a car boot sale this morning we have spent the rest of the time giving the cupboard a makeover and performing the mammoth task of moving all the electronics and miles of wires from one cupboard to another.



I just love painted furniture, I love how you can take a really ordinary, dull or dated piece and with a few coats of paint turn it into something beautiful.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, I think it's as nice as anything from Laura Ashley and it only cost £40. Not only that it's eco friendly to reuse!!

We already had the paint, I used cream as a base then I watered down some duck egg blue paint and applied it with a brush around the mouldings and edges and immediately wiped off. Then I had a go at it with the sandpaper to create the distressed edges. I'll wax it too, but I have to get some.

I have car boot finds to show off too, but they are in the dishwasher and the bloomin' thing keeps washing for 5 mins and then telling me it's done and so I just hope it's not on the blink!! Will have to show them to you tomorrow....

S x


  1. I SO could eat that cake RIGHT NOW! haha.

    I just LOVE that dresser, it's gorgeous!


  2. Oh my gosh... I love love LOVE your new cupboard. It's absolutely gorgeous and looks like it cost an absolute bomb!! That's such a clever idea to use the duck egg blue to go aound the mouldings and edges, brilliant. :-)

    Ashley xx

  3. That hedgehog cake looks delicious! Nice work making it!
    And the cupboard looks amazing- well worth the long trip and hard work :)

  4. Also, I really like your new header

  5. What a fab find there! I'm currently on the lookout for a dresser that I can paint and pretty up, but they seem to go for a lot on ebay! The cake looks very yummy indeed :)

  6. Wow, the sideboard is gorgeous, I love it. It was pretty before and still a bargain at £40 but you've turned it into a bobby dazzler. I love painted furniture too, and the little heart looks so cute hanging from it. Did you just use ordinary wall paint?

    The choc cake looks delicious by the way... and those chips.. mmmm.

    Nicki xx PS Don't worry, I'm not killing the bees, I've been onto beekeepers but they can't/won't go into the chimney because there's a stupid law that says they can't take bees from high areas....I need to get a roofer involved with the pest men to check for honeycomb... I am totally with you on saving the life of bees! :-)

  7. that hedgehog looks like chocolate-y goodness! i adore the way your new paint job brightens up the cabinet. somebody named sarah has been very busy.

  8. Oh yummy, yummy cake. I love your cupboard makeover, it looks great in your loungeroom.
    Anne xx

  9. Your funiture transformation is amazing!! I just love how it turned out!! So lovely!

    And what a cute cake too!

  10. What a wonderful makeover! Could you come over and paint me so I look a little less old and tired?!

    You've got me lusting after choccy hedgehog cake now you git! How could ou do this to me. God dieting is so damn hard!!!!

    Yes this weather is really very odd lately. I got burnt on the school run at 855am!!!


  11. Great job with the dresser! Im yet to find anything that deserves my attention. We have a ropey £30 bookcase from argos which is laminated wood but apparently you can prime this, paint it or cover it with papers (saw an example in Your Home magazine) so i may do something along those lines to it one day.

  12. Brilliant job on that cupboard.- I've got a set of little tables to makeover, which we pulled from a skip! Must find the time (?!).
    Btw, did you sand the cupboard before base-coating?


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