Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mr G's Handiwork - A Before and After....

I mentioned yesterday that this weekend I had put my foot down and insisted that Mr G replace the shelves that collapsed ten MONTHS ago? 

The room they are in was the dining room before we had the conservatory put on across the back of the house and had become a sort of "none room" - it has the computer cupboard and other than that was a bit of a waste of space.

This what it looked like (you can see the remnants of the old shelves still on the wall):

The cat tree went on Freegle (Jasper and Bear hadn't used it for 2+ years, until the minute I put it on Freegle and then they were obsessed with it!!) The radiator beds have been ditched (they now have a beanbag sheep next to the conservatory radiator!!) and Henry the Hoover (which we have had since we moved in together in 1995!!) has been rehomed under the stairs.

We then gave virtually the whole house several coats of white paint and this weekend I finally got my shelves:

The radiator cabinet came from eBay for £25 and the shelves are homemade from MDF (which B&Q cut to size) and moulding trim on the edge. The shelves cost about £47 including screws and No More Nails, etc - I nearly keeled over as that seems loads for us skip divers who are used to buying things at the tip for a fiver!!

The chairs are the ones we upcycled and have for sale - I must confess I rather like them where they are but Mr G says they have to go!!

I like the wall of books look really and our small collection hasn't filled the shelves as much as I thought (there looked a lot more when they were spread in piles all over the place!!) but I kinda like the books and knick-knacks look. I have a stack of books in my sewing room but they are all my craft ones so I need them to hand up there. We use the library a lot so I guess that's why our collection is a bit feeble.

So, after 10 months the "none room" is looking a bit more like a "proper room"!!

The TV cabinet we sold is off to it's new home today, fingers-crossed she likes it, I must confess I am a bit nervous, ooooh and we have sold the little rustic table today too!! 


S x

PS No idea why Blogger insists on putting double-spacing between my paragraphs, drives me mad!!


  1. wowza! so when are you next in the 'BEAUTIFUL HOMES' magazine! what a great interior makeovers pair you and your hubby make! im so spell bound over your posts and beautiful creations!!!!
    love the shelflings with all your sweet things on them and that radiator cover is really great!

    loved the union jack makeover too x

  2. New shelving is looking fantastic. Shame you have to sell those chairs, they're gorgeous. Well done with your sales.
    Anne xx

  3. How heaps and bunches nicer! That is just fabulous from top to bottom!

  4. mr. g knows what he's doing!


  5. You and your husband have done a fantastic job, it looks really good!
    Isabelle x

  6. No doubt its looking well. I love it


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