Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Tea, Anyone?

Today I finished refurbishing another tea trolley:

This time it's a wooden one and I like it better than my folding metal tea trolley but it's a bit big for the spot mine lives so it's for sale - incidentally, my tea trolley is still where I put it (under the window in the lounge)  even though Mr G complained that "It's NOT staying there" - you see, resistance is futile!!

You can see more pics of it over at Fugly-To-Fabulous and I'll be listing it on eBay a bit later....

Edited to add: link to eBay listing


S x


  1. oh sweet sarah, it's fit for a queen!

  2. Simply lovely.
    The pink spots are so cute- love the oilcloth idea- wipe clean too!!
    Nearly the weekend....
    P.S. Lovely slides from the 70s in the previous post.

  3. Blimming' beootiful pet. It is very "you" and I love it.
    Hope you are ok and that you got my email earlier today.
    Signing out now as want a break from the computer!
    Too tired and want a brain rest this evening.
    Lots of love
    Gem x

  4. Very, very pretty and cheery with those lovely polka dots.
    Anne xx

  5. absolutely lovely, love your style. Tfs, hugs Jenny

  6. Ta for your comment today, Sarah. Glad I didn't scare you off with my massive rambly comment the other day.
    The wooly tights are hard to find. Why they don't make them for everyone is beyond me!
    Love the trolley! You always style the furniture beautifully too. Swoon. x

  7. When i put up some bunting in the kitchen years ago, Mr C said he didn't like it and he wanted it gone!! I didn't argue at all. I said sweetly "Oh that is a shame, I love it. Oh well, you take it down if you really hate it" It was up for two years before he took it down! At least I had two years of it. I put it around my chicken coop in the end.


  8. Love your DIY projects, ever thought of tackling some bigger fabric-related refurbishing?
    Making something like this would really fit your style. x


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